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Hidden Secrets of Japanese Swordsmanship "Omori Ryu" Video
  • Hidden Secrets of Japanese Swordsmanship "Omori Ryu" Video
  • Sword Name : Hidden Secrets of Japanese Swordsmanship "Omori Ryu" Video
  • Authentic Certificate : By Roger Wehrhahn (Author)
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Hidden Secrets of Japanese Swordsmanship "Omori Ryu"

Author: Roger Wehrhahn Shihan
Filmed in digital color and sound
Approx. 1 Hour 

Have you ever wondered what the ancient Japanese Samurai secerts of drawing your sword effortlessly ans without resistance were?

Would you like to learn how to return the sword to the scabbard smoothly and precisely in one sweeping motion!

Well, for the first time ever I have presented in this video a complete breakdown of the Muso Shinden Ryu Tenniques of the nukitsuke (draw), chiburi (blood shaking), and noto (closing the sword). Each techique is broken down and explained in detail for your practice. I know that you are going to be thrilled with this video! 

About Author:
Roger Wehrhahn. Shihan began his Martial Arts training in 1969 in Kearny, NJ with an excitement that has now spanned almost three and a half decades. The training consisted of tradiational Okinawan Goju Ryu Karate Do and Kobudo (weapons). In 1980, he began attendings as many intensive seminars and training sessions as he could find in the arts of Ken Jutsu and Iai (technique of the sword).

In 1984, Shihan began his formal training under Mitsuzuka Takeshi. Sensei at a summer long series of seminors in NYC and by September, that very same year, was in Tokyo Japan studying iaido at the hombu dojo. Shihan Wehrhahn holds the rank of 6th Dan in Muso Shinden Ryu Iaido in the San Shin Kai. 5th Dan Okinawan Goju Ryu Karate Do, 4th Dan Okinawan Shorin Ryu Karate Do, and 4th Dan Ryukyu Konbudo. Shihan continues to focus his teaching and training on the arts of Iaido. Kobudo and Karate Do and is available for lectures and seminars.

What others have to say about this video..... 
Shihan Roger Wehrhahn's comprehensive explanation of technique & theory elevate this text as the authoritative resource of Japanese swordmanship. The Hidden Secrets of Japanese Swordsmanship: Omori Ryu is a master's manual to the Samurai Sword. 
Daniel Rominski. Sensei
Chief Instructor/President of Olympic Karate Institute. Inc.

                                For more information about the Shihan Roger Wehrhahn's Teaching go and visit Mountain Teachings:

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Hidden Secrets of Japanese Swordsmanship "Omori Ryu" Video
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