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Hidden Secrets of Japanese Swordsmanship Shindo Munen Ryu Iaijutsu
  • Hidden Secrets of Japanese Swordsmanship Shindo Munen Ryu Iaijutsu
  • Sword Name : Hidden Secrets of Japanese Swordsmanship Shindo Munen Ryu Iaijutsu
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Hidden Secrets of Japanese Swordsmanship Shindo Munen Ryu Iaijutsu


by Roger Wehrhahn


Shindo Munen Ryu Iaijutsu

This video on the Shindo Munen Ryu is the second in the "Hidden Secrets of Japanese Swordsmanship" series. The series will cover the complete Muso Shinden Ryu Iaido. Zen Nippon Kendo Renmei Seitei gata, Nihon Kendo Kata & the Keshi Ryu! Tape one covering the Omoro Ryu is available through the Mountain Teachings web site or at your supplier. The Shindo Munen Ryu is based on the teachings of the Shinkage Ryu, Shinkaga Ichien Ryu, and the Ichien Ryu. Distinctive characteristics, such as the beautiful and powerful broad movement of the kiri gaeshi, the quick-changing multi-directional defenses, and the variety of counter attacks, are what make this such an exciting and practical style. The details and fine points of the basics, as well as the kata and their applications, are presented from a variety of angles to simplify their learning and understanding. The complete 12 standing kata are shown from the front and the side, first at slow speed (or 'follow-along' speed) and then once again at regular speed. How ro bow, tie the sageo, and time the drawing of the sword while stepping are slao included. No matter what style of Iao you are cuttently practicing, I know that you will find these 12 kata of the Shindo Munen Ryu and their applications a beneficial addition to your Iai study!


Roger Wehrhahn, Shihan

Roger Wehrhahn, Shihan began his Martial Arts training in 1969 in Kearny, NJ with an excitement that has now spanned almost three and a half decades. The training consisted of traditional Okinawan Goju Ryu Karate Do and Kobudo (Weapons). In 1980, he bagan atteding as many intensive seminars and training sessions as he could find in the arts of Ken Jutsu and Iai (technique of the sword).

 In 1984, Shihan began his formal training under Mitsuzuka Takeshi, Sensei at a summer long series of seminars in NYC and by Septembe, that vary same year, was in Tokyo Japan studying iaido at the hombu dojo. Shihan Wehrhahn holds the rank of 6th Dan in Muso Shinden Ryu Iaido in the San Shin Kai, 5th Dan Okinawan Goju Ryu Karate Do, 4th Dan Okinawan Shorin Ryu Karate Do, and 4th Dan Ryukyu Kobudo, Shihan continues to focus his teaching and training on the arts of Iaido, Kobudo and Karate Do and is available for lectures and seminars.

For more information about other books and videos in the Hidden Secrets of Japanese Swordsmanship series, please visit

or contact

Mountain Teachings

126 Mountain Lake Estates Hawley, PA 18428

1 (800) 810-8840


Approx. 59 mins.




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Hidden Secrets of Japanese Swordsmanship Shindo Munen Ryu Iaijutsu
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