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SkyJiro Swords Limited Life-Time Warranty

Adddate: 2012-12-17 22:34:54

 Why should one choose to purchase a sword from SkyJiro Forge? Because, of our combined years of "Master Craftsmanship", "Study of the Arts, "Integrity", and "Our Guarantee". "Integrity is being Good when NO ONE is Watching"!

Our SkyJiro-Line Limited Lifetime Guarantee states "WE STAND BEHIND OUR WORK"! If you acquire one of our SkyJiro Sword through our registered global dealer network with proof of purchase & sword certificate, we will repair or replace any sword or blade that does not perform up to the expected level for its grade. Each of our sword blade comes with its own "Smith's Signature", "Made Date", and comes with our SkyJiro Forge's very special "Authentic Certificate"! So, you can trace it back when and by whom it was made. Each of our swords is fully handmade and the fittings are handcrafted too. Therefore, no sword will be ever be exactly alike. Each sword is it's own, one of kind, work of art. Each and every sword in our sword lines is designed for specific performance parameters. SkyJiro Forge stands behind the entire handcrafted koshirae as well (handle fittings and case) for our SkyJiro-Line! It is guaranteed to hold up and not come apart. (For example unwrapping, lacquer peeling, or craftsmanship error) etc.

Each sword grade specifically states what it is designed for. What the inteded use is, and what it is able to cut. These specific materiasl are the only materials we waranty our swords to perform for. for exampe Bamboo, Tatami Omote, Goza, Wara etc. Should the swordsman coose to cut and abuse the sword on steel, metals, concrete, trees, bottles etc. we will not cover the damage. We are professional sword smiths making swords in the samurai tradition. Our blades have supereior workmaship and blade integrity. We can tell and how a sword has been used or abused. So, please respect your purchase and take care of your sword like a samurai would. Think like a samurai, the soul of a bushido warrior is in your heart and mind . So please adhere to the integrity of the samurai when wielding one of our works of art.

Clients purcahing our sword, must be of at least 21 years of age. As well acknowledge that these are real weapons, and used at their own risk. Any acidents that may accur form misuse are the responsability of the user. SkyJiro forge and all of our staffs, management, designers and owners are not resposable.

   Please feel free to contact us or any of our local dealers to acquire one of our finest handcrafted swords art today!