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SkyJiro Forge is pleased to announce the introduction of a new SkyJiro-Line from Martial Arts Grade to Collector Grade swords. These swords range from unfolded, through hardened tough blades to fully folded differentially hardened pieces on the top end. We developed swords for the SkyJiro line that can provide new options for the practitioner or collector looking for affordably priced high quality Nihonto.

SkyJiro Forge continues to research and develop new nihonto for our clients. Our SkyJiro-Line of Exclusive swords, made to our specifications, is well known for their quality, Japanese authentic geometry, metallurgy and functional performance. We realize there is a void in the market for affordable quality swords for the sword enthusiast. SkyJiro Forge has designed many high-quality swords over the years with the intent of handcrafting a good value for our customers. Till now we have not released many swords that have been up to our quality standards.

We are very happy to announce that we presently have our new SkyJiro-Line that meet our standards between an inexpensive martial arts level and collector grades swords. These swords have excellent blade geometry, quality finishes, and clean mountings. They are overall an incredible value for the price. Classically designed with an impeccable fit and finish adhering to traditional Japanese design. Priced for those looking to find a quality training tool, or simply a great  looking sword to collect and put on display.  We are pleased to finally have a wide selection for our clients who want a quality sword with excellent workmanship at an affordable price.

All our photos were taken from the actual item without computer enhancements in any way. Therefore, our customers can get an accurate feel before every purchase. Each blade is also price based on materials, the degree craftsmanship achieved. For example the TAKA has a fully Samé wrapped handle with quality traditional Japanese koshirae, If you’re in the market for a strong, good looking, reasonably priced Japanese sword we know you’ll happy to own one of these. If you have done your research on traditional nihonto, searching on the web and books, you should already know an incredible shinken like any one of these would normally a much higher price than what we ask for!!! You will feel amazed when you get your hands on one of our swords. If you want an incredible sword to top your expectations, then don’t miss out, get yours today!!!

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