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Kensei Class (Sword Saint Serie)

Traditional Japanese swords, with composite “Kobuse” blade construction. These blades have a superior-grade of forging, with a high layer count. Designed for the collector as well as the practitioner. Classical lines, traditional Japanese look and feel.


Kobuse, is a term used to describe a sword with an “Iron core” There are many ways of performing this technique. Ours has been passed down in the traditional manner much like all of our proprietary smithing techniques’, from teacher to student.


Many years of metallurgical research has brought us to a clear understanding of this technique and process.  At this level, our blade geometry is designed with perfect “niku” (blade belly) for strength and durability. These blades are polished with Japanese water stones to a perfect edge. They are for cutting both live bamboo and tatami omote targets.


Since this is the first grade of the “Collector Series” these "Sensei grade" blades are polished with Japanese water stones, then we apply the final Japanese finger stone polishing technique. This shows the desired classic differential look on the blades surface.  Each and every blade is made with the highest standards for perfection. The koshirae, (fittings handle and case) is unsurpassed for the grade. The fit, finish and classical line give our swords the desired appearance as well as performance. We take our time to insure a perfect product.



KAIYOU (Ocean) "2018"

KAIYOU (Ocean) "2018"

Price $2,397.00 USD
NEW KUMO (Cloud) "2018"

NEW KUMO (Cloud) "2018"

Price $1,747.00 USD