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Mikado Class (Imperial Series)

Our Premier line., our highest grade. This class is for the high-level martial artist and collector. Presently we have two swords at this level. It is hand crafted from “Oroshigane” Iron pieces and "Tamahagane" Iron Sand. Hand forged in the most traditional way, with our ancient smiting techniques that have been passed down from generation to generation.


This “Shihan” (Master line) caries a superior grade of Kobuse. We fold our core at this level for better shock absorption, strength, and flexibility. Like the Kensei class, this blade geometry is designed with perfect “niku”  (blade belly) for strength and durability. These blades are polished with Japanese water stones to a perfect edge.


As well for this grade, we apply the final Japanese finger stone polishing technique.  However we go one step further for the “Show  grade” Polish. This shows the desired classic differential look on the blades surface that a judge is looking for.  Each and every blade is unique, made to the highest standard for critical perfection. They are for cutting both live bamboo and tatami omote targets. 


They will surpass your expectations. We have taken the utmost care to design our kanagu (fittings) in all of our classes. However, at the premier level in the SkyJiro line we have again gone one step further to create the perfect design for classical authenticity. This gives our Mikado series the highest level of integrity of product excellence. We stand behind our products with all of the Budo virtues of Samurai legacy.



TAKA (HAWK) "2018"

TAKA (HAWK) "2018"

Price $4,397.00 USD
KOKORO (Mind, Heart & Spirit) NEW "2018"

KOKORO (Mind, Heart & Spirit) NEW "2018"

Price $3,747.00 USD