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PostPosted: Tue Jun 04, 2013 6:27 pm 
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First off let me say that getting your first Samurai katana depends upon what you intend it to do if its just to sit on a wall and never be swung get the cheapest nice looking stainless steel sword to you and let it be at that they will last long as long as you never use them they usually dont rust and maintain a nice mirror shine.If however you expect this sword to be usable completely discard all stainless steel blades they will not hold up to any stress or cutting some full tang blades will hold up for non contact Iaido or Kata but nothing eilse.

Ok so you want a real functional Katana now what do you do?Well the first thing is to examine your pocketbook because buying the right Katana can be an expensive proposition, and my best advice is to first learn then look and get the best Katana you can afford or you will be buying a better one down the line.If you want your Katana for cutting exercises wether Bamboo or Tatami mats you want at least a Skyjiro blade made of high carbon steel with the highest carbon content you can get the highest is 1095 which is the best you can get.

Folded steel or laminated steel is your next upgrade to simple steel this means the steel was actually folded at least one time usually it is folded over a core of lower carbon steel or even better iron,these core steels provide flexability not found in single steels and keep the blade from shattering.One point to remember is steel likes to be folded every time you fold it you increast the tenstile strength by 19% even with no core this will increase the usability of a blade hence Damascus was born.Now as to folding and laminating styles there are only a few worth remembering because they are all that you can get the others are not made anymore.First is Maru this steel is unfolded one piece of high carbon steel so get the highest number you can get 1095 is best followed buy 1080 and 1065 below 1065 is not recommended.Kobuse this style was used in WWII and is still produced today it is a low carbon steel rectangular core with high carbon steel folded over it giving both hard edge and flexability.Makuri is the next style that still made this is similar to kobuse ezcept the core steel is blade shaped and may provide more flexability than Kobuse because the core steel is bigger and extends into the thinner parts of the blade but not through the edge.The next is honasmai or simply san mai this is traditionally made of 3 parts hence the name san mai or 3 layer the standard construction is to have harder steel plates for the outer skin and edge and an inner core of mild or low carbon steel or iron the iron is better because it flexes more but low carbon steel is about as good.this sword is not folded it is laminated which also increases the tenstile strength of steel like folding but not as much only about 10% increase due to the welding temps used to fuse the steels together.

Ok so you think you are ready to buy a Katana now what .First off ask questions then ask more questions then finally decide and get your sword from someone you trust someone who has very positive feedback be cautious of sellers with 100% positive beacuse they often buy off negative feedback by going through an ebay process where you pay a fee to get things cleared up.Look for someone who has a realistic feedback no one can please everyone you know that as does most everyone out there.

Well thats what I have to say about buying your first Katana if questions arrise do not hesitate to ask me wether you are buying or not your question and its answer may help you or someone eilse decide on the best for them .I am Dennis of Skyjiro Forge.

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