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New Tenku-Swords at Low Introductory Pricing!

The SkyJiro-Line has proven since its inception, to be a very desirable martial arts and collector art level sword-line. Many people want a fully functional martial art grade Nihonto, yet hope to find one at a more affordable price. Our new Tenku-Line addresses this issue directly. The traditional Japanese Sword, while famous for its lethality, strength, and edge holding durability, was not consistently resilient to lateral stress or shock.  Though, It was formidable in battle, and had more dependability than any other type of sword.   

Through the use of modern steel technology, our dedicated research and development our Tenku-Line swords surpass traditional steel in durability and resilience consistently for the price point. While SkyJiro Forge does not condone sword abuse, or dangerous cutting challenges, the sword practitioner can rest assured that our Tenku-Line of blades will be more forgiving in the event of "less than precise" technique. This makes them ideal high performance cutters for the demand of repeated general practice. Truly a new shining star among all martial art grade swords!

All blades are fully hand-forged, hand shaped and hand polished with top-grade modern high carbon steels with accurate carbon content. These attributes give all of the Tenku-Line swords exceptionally crisp lines, a durable blade and easy to maintain blade polish. Tenku-Sword are mounted in quality furniture, have genuine Same panels, and excellent lacquer quality. These are not on the same level as our SkyJiro Line Exclusive Swords. However, The Tenku-Sword offers practicality at an elevated level. The focus is on durability and performance. These swords reflect the arcane nature of the Samurai warrior tradition. These well-balanced, robust blades are made of exceptionally resilient High-Grade Modern High Carbon Steels. The utilitarian design, offers just what is required to fulfill its purpose. This makes a superior handling sword with surprisingly strong cutting performance at a very reasonable price.

All our photos were taken from the actual item without computer enhancements in any way. Therefore, our customers can get an accurate feel before every purchase. Each blade is also price based on materials, the degree craftsmanship achieved. For example the Emperor has a Samé covered, cord wrapped handle with quality fittings, If you’re in the market for a strong, good looking, reasonably priced Japanese sword we know you’ll happy to own one of these. If you have done your research on modern swords searching on the web and books, you should already know an incredible shinken like any one of these would normally a much higher price than what we ask for!!! You will feel amazed when you get your hands on one of our swords. If you want an incredible sword to top your expectations, then don’t miss out, get yours today!!!

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